Skin Peels

What are Skin Peels?

A peel can be a misleading term, as most of these treatments have no visible peeling afterwards. They use more active ingredients than traditional beauty facials to stimulate changes in the skin. A peel treatment takes 30-45 minutes.

What are peels good for treating?

Everything from tone and texture which are what I like to refer to as a polish peel, through to sun damage and ageing, acne, and acne scarring.

What ingredients are used?

Common ingredients used in peels are AHA fruit acids, enzymes, salicylic acid and Vitamin A (In much higher strengths than what are in home care products). Many peel treatments combine ingredients.

How many treatments are needed to get results?

Although results are noticeable after 1 peel, a course of 4-6, depending on which peel is recommended, achieves the ultimate improvement. Many patients chose to have a regular monthly treatment instead of beauty facials.

What is the downtime?

Some have no down time, some a little bit of flaking or peeling for 3- 5 days and you may look a bit flushed immediately afterwards, as if you have just had a workout.

EYE CREAM: Results RX eye Dr which replenishes damaged thinning skin around the eyes and contains retinol, growth factors and copper to reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffy eyes and provide potent strengthening of delicate eye tissue.

VITAMIN A SERUM: Xcell+ by results RX as not only contains vitamin A but also exfoliating AHA’s skin lighteners and antioxidants….therefore 1 product with multiple benefits.

ACTIVE NIGHT CREAM: other than vitamin A serums which are the active products used at night, DERMAL REPAIR by skinmedica which Is a rich hydrating moisturiser with high levels of antioxidants.