Prescription-Skincare Verve interview with Angela Frazer Clinical Co-Ordinator -

Founded by plastic surgeon Stephen Gilbert in 1993, Prescription Skin Care is one of the longest running clinics in New Zealand. Verve sat down with clinical coordinator for the Remuera and Ponsonby clinics, Angela Frazer.  

What changes have you seen in the appearance medicine and skincare industry over the years?

The only cosmetic injectable treatment available when we first opened was collagen injections. The number of dermal fillers available has grown tremendously and we now have a fantastic range of non-animal hyaluronic acid fillers, which require no allergy test, last up to two years – sometimes longer – and are available to treat many more concerns. Plus, there’s Botox. 

There’s so much more technology within the industry, too. In 2012 we introduced coolsculpting, a non-surgical permanent fat reduction treatment, to the NZ market, something we wouldn’t have thought possible in the 90s when there were only a few laser and light machines.

Skincare ingredients, products and rejuvenation treatments such as peels have seen many changes. Today we have less aggressive but very effective skin rejuvenation treatments. There’s so much more awareness of what’s available, and although many patients choose not to tell people about treatments like Botox, there’s much more acceptance around appearance enhancing treatments. More men are having treatments and coming for skincare advice, which is great.

With so much available, how do you work with clients to determine the best path forward? 

This is where consultations are so important. We allow up to an hour for the first consultation to get to know the patient. Although we’re the experts, it’s vital to listen and understand everyone’s situation and goals, including budgets and timelines. We also recommend patients have regular ‘existing patient consults’, which are free, to evaluate progress and recommend any new treatment options. We’re always attending conferences so we know what is available and what is best for patients. 


What are your most popular treatments? 

Botox and fillers have wide appeal. Younger patients do ‘baby Botox’ to prevent lines, and ‘glamourising’ filler treatments like lip enhancements to be ‘Instagram ready’. Older patients also look to replace lost facial volume and structure, and correct lines and wrinkles. Rather than cosmetic injections, many patients prefer rejuvenation treatments with medifacials, peels and laser. Medical needling is also popular.

Tell us about the EltaMD Range?

It’s the USA’s number one dermatologist-recommended sunscreen, with formulations for all skin types and lifestyles. Depending on skin types, we recommend sunscreens that contain healthy ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for hydration. The range offers a broad spectrum of protection, is fragrance- and sensitivity-free, and doesn’t contain parabens, with tinted and untinted formulas offered.

Which EltaMD products are most effective against ageing? 

All of them! The best sun protection is the one worn every day. The Elta MD sunscreens feel great to wear and are cosmetically elegant. We tell our patients it will be their cheapest and best beauty product! High in zinc oxide, they offer the best protection, and we find patients often have more than one – like with shoes, we don’t have one pair for all occasions.