HobsonJuly-Aug15_PSCchk-1-219x300 Neck Lift Surgery - Keep Your Chin Up by Hobson MagazineWhile we concentrate most of our anti-ageing efforts on our face, often the neck and jawline are neglected. But this area may be the first to show signs of aging, and for many women and men, it’s an all-too visible annoyance — the celebrated American writer Nora Ephron even titled a memoir I Feel Bad About My Neck, echoing the thoughts of many over-40s. But there are several ways you can address decline in this area.




Perhaps you have some of these concerns:

  1. Horizontal lines
  2. Pronounced vertical bands
  3. Jowls
  4. Sagging skin at the throat
  5. Sun damage on the décolletage
  6. Crepey skin

The neck can be a tricky area to treat, so it’s essential you talk to the experts — at Prescription Skin Care treating the neck and décolletage is one of our specialities and our experienced, highly-trained, professional staff will work with you to customise the best option to address your concerns.


Here are some of the many ways we can treat your neck area:

 Horiztonal Lines, Sagging or Crepey Skin

New generation hyaluronic acid fillers hydrate the skin and improve its structure and elasticity. Rather than being used to plump up a specific area such as lips or cheeks, these fine, sheer injectable fillers are ideal for overall skin rejuvenation, and are very effective for the neck and décolletage. We also offer Nectifirm, a clinic-only cream which offers a significant improvement in skin quality.

Pronounced or “Ropey” Vertical Bands

If you tend to strain your neck muscles, this can look more unattractive as you age, and lose volume. Judicious use of Botox can soften the effect, and stop these muscles from pulling so much.

Sunspots on the Neck or Décolletage

 Treat sunspots with Prescription Skin Care’s advanced IPL treatment, which is safe and effective for very light to very dark skins. Wintertime is ideal for treatment since UV exposure is reduced, and the sun won’t be working counter to your results. We can also improve the look of pigmented skin with medical grade skincare, backed by scientific research.

Jowls or Double Chin

 These can be effectively managed with the ‘Nefertiti lift’, a Botox technique that defines, and recontours, the area with a series of targeted injections.

Further Treatment to Consider

 The use of fillers and injectables can do much to diminish the signs of aging. But sometimes the correction you want is best addressed by a surgical procedure. Face and neck lift surgery has come a long way — these days it’s quite non-invasive, and can be done under intravenous sedation. We can arrange a free consultation with one of the specialist nurses at Dr Stephen Gilbert’s New Zealand Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.

This leading practice is located in the same building as our Prescription Skin Care clinic, and we work closely together to achieve the best possible outcomes for all our clientele.


Prescription Skin Care is led by Plastic Surgeon Dr Stephen Gilbert FRCS, FRACS (plastic).

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