The eyes and the area around the eyes, convey so much, and unfortunately this also includes tiredness.

Visual tracking studies show that the eyes are the first place we look at and then the most visited on the face.

Common concerns and requests on patients rejuvenation wish lists are

  • Crows feet
  • Drooping of the eyebrow or uneven eyebrow height
  • Tear troughs (under eye hollows), even at a young age
  • Undereye dark circles
  • Hollowing temples
  • “disappearing eyelashes”
  • crepey undereye skin
  • heavy upper eyeled skin or hooding

Although many will come in with specifics such as those listed above, it is often a case of describing symptoms, and we then guide them as to what the best option to correct this will be. E.g. “I always look tired” or “I can’t seem to wear eyeshadow anymore”
Although surgery may offer the ultimate correction, and is something we can discuss and refer on to one of our Plastic Surgeons, if appropriate, we also have some extremely effective non-surgical solutions. In many cases, such as fine lines and crepey skin, an eye cream or peptide serum will offer the best results. Tear troughs can be corrected with a very small amount of filler, and crows feet and drooping brows with botox. However if fillers or botox are not something you are wanting to embrace, we have options for this too.

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