CoolSculpting for Women

CoolSculpting is non-surgical fat removal method designed to help women achieve their ideal figure. Using the patented cooling technology women can target the stubborn fat in their body that they just can’t get rid of with dieting and exercise. With the possibility of reducing fat by an average of 20%, the benefits are extremely noticeable.

CoolSculpting the Muffin Top

For the muffin top, a skin protection gel pad is placed on the area before freezing. The cryolipolysis process will eliminate the fat cells, and patients will see great results over the following months.

A patient will normally only require the one treatment, although follow-up treatments on areas like the muffin top can be scheduled if you’d like to see even more improved results.

The CoolSculpting technology is ideal for eliminating the stubborn fat women can’t take care of with normal diet and exercise. Although, following the treatment, for the best results women should continue to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

CoolSculpting Stomach Fat

For many women, the stomach is a problem area. Even with constant exercise, they can’t seem to get rid of pesky fat. The CoolSculpting technology can be applied directly to the fat that gathers in the stomach. Vacuuming this fat up and freezing it is the best non-invasive treatment for stomach fat removal.

A desirable benefit of the CoolSculpting treatment is that there is no downtime. Women who enjoy physical activity can get straight back into it. Belly fat is some of the most persistent fat in the body and is a problem for even the most active athletes. CoolSculpting targets it directly. Don’t let the treatment ruin your routine though, getting right back into exercise won’t have any impact on the effects of the treatment.

CoolSculpting the Inner and Outer Thighs

Another problem area for many women is the inner and outer thighs. The application of the CoolSculpting machine in this area will depend on the amount of fat the vacuum can latch on to successfully.

If this is a problem area for you, it’s important to consult with a Prescription Skin Care expert who will determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

Other Areas

There are multiple other application areas for the CoolSculpting device. Women looking to target a particular area of their body will receive the best insight from our experts. We can create a detailed and individual treatment plan just for you.

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