CoolSculpting for Men

CoolSculpting is great for men and has given many patients the toned and refined bodies they’ve always wanted. Despite what some people might think, this sort of treatment is just as appropriate for men as it is for women. Men have their own stubborn fat areas which refuse to budge even after tireless exercise and proper dieting. Best of all, this is a non-invasive fat removal treatment, meaning no downtime.

CoolSculpting Abdominals

For men looking to refine their abs and area around the stomach, then CoolSculpting could be the answer. A gym membership and hard work might be keeping you healthy, but some areas are stubborn with fat. For some people, areas like the abdominals refuse to show change and harbour fat that just won’t go away.

With the CoolSculpting technology, you can directly target the fatty parts of the stomach to freeze and kill the fat cells for good.

CoolSculpting Midsection and Back Fat

Men are always looking for the best way to define their midsection. Although, it can be a stubborn area that even when targeted is persistent in keeping the fat right where it is. This fat ‘spillage’ can also roll out into back fat which can be undesirable.

The CoolSculpting technology can latch on to the fat and freeze it. By freezing fat in this area you can round out your lower body aesthetic, getting a body that compliments the abdominals, making them stand out. It will also tackle back fat, an area that is very resistant to exercise.

No Downtime with CoolSculpting

For any man worried about the possibility of a procedure impacting their schedule, we can put your mind at ease. A Prescription Skin Care CoolSculpting treatment has no downtime.

After any treatment, you can go straight back to work, exercise and do any other activity that you would normally do, without reducing the effects of the treatment.

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