CoolSculpting ‘CoolMini’

The CoolMini Applicator is now available for CoolSculpting. Although the CoolSculpting procedure has had great success in eliminating fat, people are still having trouble addressing additional, smaller problem areas of fat. As a result, the CoolMini has been developed. The device is designed to treat these smaller pockets of fat, while still avoiding invasive surgery.

Areas directly identified by customers as continuing problems include small areas of fat found under the chin (double chin), armpits (bra fat), and knee fat. These points are well known for being stubborn when it comes to fat, persisting regardless of proper diet and exercise. Fortunately, the CoolMini has been designed with these bits of fat in mind.

The CoolMini will freeze the fat in the same manner as a standard CoolSculpting device. Where it differs is that it’s smaller, allowing it to navigate around areas that may have been inaccessible before. Despite being smaller, the CoolMini still delivers the same level of cooling required to freeze fat effectively. Changes will begin to appear after around 3 weeks of treatment, with the most noticeable results appearing after about 2 months of regular use.

Just like the CoolSculpting device, the CoolMini has little to no downtime requirements. This means patients can return to their daily activities immediately following the CoolMini treatment. The only immediately visible sign should be a slight redness as a result of the suction and cooling. This redness should dissipate relatively quickly.

Although the CoolMini has similar effects as the CoolSculpture technology, apart from targeting smaller areas, it’s still important for people to consult with Prescription Skin Care for the best results. Each patient is unique, and a CoolSculpting provider will help to set out a customised treatment plan for each individual.

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