Stephen has just returned from the annual ASAPS (AUSTRALASIAN SOCIETY OF AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGEONS) Conference this year held in Hobart Tasmania. Here he chaired a panel on pitfalls in breast augmentation. Pitfalls are a trap for the unwary and there is no doubt the the experienced surgeon is more able to avoid them. The most obvious is trying to put ii an implant which is too big for the patients body. In patients with a tight fold under the breast this can lead to a persistent tight line around the lower pole of the breast also called a double bubble. Strategies to avoid this were discussed in detail. Figures showed the current polyurethane covered form stable cohesive gel implants used exclusively by the the surgeons at NZIPCS had the lowest incidence of complications.

There was an internet seminar with Dr J Stevens in Holland on the best techniques for obtaining, preserving and injecting, fat.

A promising new technique for injecting fine lines is being promoted, called SNIF (sharp needle infiltration of fat). Time will tell if this is effective.

Grant Stevens from California extolled the effectiveness and safety of COOLSCULPT for reducing fatty bulges without down time. Prescription Skin Care has also found this very effective and happy patients are referring friends and relations.