Skin-Peels Ridding Your Wrinkles: Are Skin Peels for you?Chemicals peels, although now less commonly used with the advent of laser treatments for skin, are nonetheless a popular and effective method for treating various skin conditions. One of the reasons many people opt to have medical facials is due to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines as a result of sun exposure, acne, or simply the natural aging process. Regardless, skin peels are a trusted and renowned means of rejuvenating the complexion and lessening the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The first thing people considering having a skin peel in order to remedy wrinkled skin should know is that there are variations of the intensity or depth of medical facials. ‘Micro’ or ‘light’ peels are more superficial peels, and usually contain a low concentration of AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) or BHA (beta hydroxyl acid). Superficial peels generally don’t achieve the same level of improvement as more intense peels; however, they require less recovery time and there is generally no need to desist normal activities. This treatment would be most appropriate for those just beginning to notice fine lines. Two or three treatments might be needed for the best possible result.

Options such as Results RX by Cosmedix stimulate and speed up the dermis’ celluar regeneration, resulting in a more youthful complexion.

For deeper lines and wrinkles, a medium or deep peel would be more appropriate than a light peel. These, however, require a recovery time of about one to two weeks, and can result in redness, swelling or blistering. Unlike with the lighter peels – where makeup can usually be worn immediately following a procedure – those who undergo medium peels will generally have to wait five to seven days before being able to apply make-up.

Finally, deep chemical peels offer the deepest skin penetration and the most effective treatment of skin imperfections. However, they require the longest down time and involve more intense uncomfortable redness and swelling.

It is immensely important to consult a medical practitioner and dermatologist before making a decision about using chemical peels as a means of combating wrinkles.

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