Little Known Quirky Facts About SunScreen 

Most people appreciate the benefits of sunscreen in preventing sunburn and skin cancer but do not realise that it is in fact your number 1 weapon against skin ageing! Dermatologists recognise that it is in fact the most potent cosmeceutical that can both prevent and reverse the signs of ageing.

UVA  “think A for ageing” are the long rays and penetrate more deeply into our skin. They are constant throughout the year and get right through window glass and cloud. These sneaky rays (and they are sneaky as you are not getting burnt so assume you are safe) are very efficient at making us look much older than we actually are…think brown mottly uneven pigment, lines wrinkles, and skin sagging to name a few.

Many sunscreens still lack adequate protection against these ageing rays. They stop you burning, and prevent skin cancers, so certainly have their place, but if you are serious about preventing skin ageing (in particular to your face, neck, décolletage and the backs of your hands) Think ZINC. Zinc oxide is your truest broad spectrum protector.

How much should I apply…A BLUEBERRY OR A SHOT GLASS…… a blueberry size for the face and a shot glass (or golf ball) for the body.

The Truth About SPF:

Most people only judge a sunscreen on this one number. However the SPF indicates only the level of protection you are getting against UVB (burning rays) and gives no indication as to whether you are protected against UVA (aging rays), which can be confusing and misleading. It is a burn time guide. If without any sun protection you would burn after 10 minutes (of course everyone is different), with the application of an SPF 30 you would burn after 10×30, therefore 300 minutes. That is great that it is buying you a bit longer in the sun without burning, but if that product does not contain ingredients such as zinc, those UVA rays are dining out on your collagen and elastin (think wrinkles), so far from ideal.

Best SunScreen Products 2016

Elta MD sun protection products… much more than a sunscreen. All products are fragrance-free, paraben-free, sensitivity-free and noncomedogenic, and there is one to suit every skin type and lifestyle. Combining moisturising ingredients including hyaluronic acid these products are a one-step moisturiser and zinc sun protection in one, and at $55 your number one product for preventing and reversing sun damage and skin ageing.

UV Daily SPF40:

Extremely popular, light, sheer and moisturising for normal and combination skins. No need for a separate moisturizer underneath so perfect for those wanting a simple regime.

UV Clear SPF46:

Ideal for those wanting a very light formulation, or if you are prone to acne or breakouts. Combines the zinc sun protection with niacinamide to calm irritated skin and prevent breakouts

UV Sport SPF 50

Contains the same high % of zinc, but this formulation is water-resistant and won’t rinse off in water or drip into eyes when sweating, so perfect for the beach, golf and other outdoor activities. Also a great product for children.