I am wondering if should refer to medical facials rather than medi facials as often we call enzyme type treatments and actual facials medifacials rather than needling or lasers etc

What Are Medical Facials?

These are facial treatments performed in a Dr’s office and target specific skin concerns. They use ingredients, products, and technologies that are only available in medical clinics and the focus is on results. The medical facial treatments we offer at Prescription Skin Care are non-irritating as we believe in results without irritation.

What Are The Benefits of Medical Facials?

A nurse trained in assessing skin health will perform a thorough skin evaluation and consultation, which will look at your individual skin type, your concerns and goals and your lifestyle. Treatment recommendations will be based on this. It may be that all you need is a course of superficial enzyme treatments for mild skin imperfections or to give the skin an immediate glow before a special event. The key thing is the results, and improvement in many common skin concerns such as sun damage and uneven pigmentation (probably our number one concern in NZ), lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and acne scarring. It is all very well to have a relaxing pampering treatment, but people want to feel and see noticeable improvements in their skin, and with these treatments they can. Many of these medical facials are actually relaxing so you can have both.

What Should We Consider Before Undergoing A Medical Facial Treatment?

As all patients have a consultation before starting on any treatments, you will know exactly what you can expect during and after your recommended treatment. Many treatments are relaxing and you may even fall asleep! If any discomfort is expected you will have been informed, and with treatments such as medical needling an anesthetic cream takes care of this! With nearly all treatments we offer there is minimal (or even no) downtime. If you were going out that night, we would recommend a treatment that will leave your skin glowing, and not one which could leave you a little flushed.