Lip augmentation procedures can create a more youthful and attractive appearance, and their popularity is on the rise. You can add shape and volume to thinning or ageing lips with dermal fillers, whilst still maintaining a natural look.

If you do decide to use dermal fillers, it is important that you have a sound knowledge of lip enhancement aftercare, and that you follow all professional and medical advice. In doing so, you can ensure that your lip enhancement procedure happens without any problems or negative side effects.

Here are a few ways that you can ensure your lip augmentation procedure goes smoothly:

  1. Try not to touch your lip for at least six hours following the procedure. Your lips might itch, but try not to rub, peel or scratch them – as this can cause scaring or irritation.
  1. Be gentle on the treated area; for the first day following the procedure, wash the treated area with cold or tepid water only. Avoid scented products and do not scrub or exfoliate the area.
  1. Whilst the effected area is still red and/or swollen, avoid Vitamin A products and water that is chlorinated or that contains other strong chemicals.
  1. Avoid activities that cause excessive perspiration; this can cause further irritation to the treated area.
  1. Add an ice pack to the lips to numb them and reduce swelling and tenderness.
  1. Before brushing your teeth, apply a thin layer of Vaseline or a healing balm to the lips in order to lessen the amount of water that makes contact with the lips.
  1. Avoid tough, solid foods – instead opt for liquids and smooth foods such as yoghurt, porridge and pureed fruit. Also, avoid spicy, hot or salty foods.

Following a lip enhancement treatment, the healing process can last anywhere between a week and a month. By maintaining a healthy and nutritional diet, you can avoid unnecessarily prolonging the healing time.

Side effects such as lip swelling should not last longer than a week.

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