Dermal Fillers are a drastically different product to when they were first developed, over 20 years ago. Today, dermal fillers are no longer made from bovine collagen; rather, they are most commonly comprised of naturally occurring substances in the body, thus ensuring the unlikeliness of an allergic reaction. Moreover, people looking to eliminate lines and wrinkles that create the appearance of advanced age, or increasing the volume of their lips, which also contributes to a more youthful appearance, are more likely to choose dermal fillers to achieve this – opting for non-surgical options.

It is not surprising that facial fillers are increasingly popular; the myriad benefits are now well understood. These dermal fillers are used to smooth out deep lines and wrinkles by adding volume beneath the skin – leaving patients with a natural expression. Furthermore, lip fillers add volume and definition to thinning lips. This differs from other injectables, such as Botox ™, which relaxes muscle movement beneath wrinkles and lines, thus preventing their formation.

The highly trained and experienced practitioners at Prescription Skin Care can treat skin with facial fillers in as little as 30 minutes. In fact, patients are able to return to work immediately following treatment, and are able to wear make-up following a procedure. The outcomes of dermal fillers generally last between six and nine months. Treatments can be repeated as often as necessary to maintain the appearance of youthful, healthy skin.

Most people who choose to have dermal filler treatment experience little, if any, complications or side effects. One possibility, however, is tenderness and/or redness in the injected area following a procedure. Such effects are temporary.

It is immensely important however, in making the decision to undergo wrinkle treatments, to consider the best options available for you, and to seek advice from professionals in the industry.

Prescription Skin Care, situated in Remuera, Auckland, has been providing a remedy for aging skin since it was established 16 years ago. Their team of highly qualified and experienced professionals makes Prescription Skin Care a leader in the provision of facial fillers.

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