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Botulinum Toxin For Bruxism (Grinding Teeth)

Bruxism is a common condition in which the sufferer constantly grinds their teeth and clenches their jaw. Bruxism can occur during the daytime, but is mostly active while people sleep and has serious implications for sufferers oral health.

A common sleep disorder, bruxism causes an exponential amount of damage while sufferers sleep. Unable to control their chewing reflex, it becomes active at night and causes undue strain on teeth. Bruxism is common for people suffering from stress, alcohol abuse, and Alzheimer’s disease and can be accompanied by headaches, depression, and anxiety.

Thankfully botulinum toxin can be used for Bruxism treatment as an effective method to prevent teeth grinding. Blocking the nerve cells in the Masseter muscle when injected, a botulinum toxin treatment blocks the nerve impulses that stimulate teeth grinding while sleeping.

Although, just like regular botulinum toxin this treatment isn’t a permanent solution, with the botulinum toxin wearing off after around 6 month

Botulinum Toxin For Gummy Smiles

A gummy smile is a smile that shows too much gum, as simple as that. People with a gummy smile tend to show a bit too much gum when they smile, showing an awkward, uninviting grin.

How does Gummy Smile develop?

There are a few things which can contribute to a gummy smile:

  • A short upper lip
  • The upper jaw bone is longer than usual
  • An upper lip that moves easily
  • Worn down teeth that result in them meeting at a lower point, bringing the gums down as well
  • As teeth have emerged they have erupted too much bringing the gums down as well
  • Gums have become overgrown as a result of poor oral hygiene

How does Botulinum Toxin help to treat Gummy Smile?

For those that do show too much gum, botulinum toxin can help to provide a normal, welcoming smile. This procedure will weaken the muscles contracting the upper lip; reducing the amount of elevation when smiling, allowing the upper lip to cover the gums.

The effects of the botulinum toxin treatment on your upper lip should last around 4-6 months.

Botulinum Toxin For Mouth Wrinkles

The mouth is subdued to some pretty harsh conditions. As a result, wrinkles can start to appear. The loss of elasticity in the area of the mouth occurs as we get older and is often one of the first places people notice the effect of wrinkles on their complexion.

Botulinum Toxin For Lips

Many women consider botulinum toxin as the best option for achieving a desirable lip aesthetic. Removing wrinkles from the lips that come with age and regular use, botulinum toxin can transform the lips, giving them a youthful look. Not only does the botulinum toxin injection remove the wrinkles but it plumps up the lips, giving them a fuller appearance.

Common mouth botulinum toxin treatment areas

Prescription Skin Care offers mouth anti-wrinkle treatment that can revitalise features of your face. A botulinum toxin injection can relax the muscles around the mouth and lips, influencing the nerve impulses and decreasing the prominence of wrinkles.

Why should you engage a professional?

It’s important to understand that the mouth is an important feature of your face, not just for your physical appearance, but for your ability to function. If anything was to happen as a result of botulinum toxin to this area it could significantly impede your ability to eat, drink and even speak.

That’s why it’s important to entrust your botulinum toxin treatment to a credible cosmetic practice such as Prescription Skin Care. With a team of dedicated practitioners, trained in plastic surgery. Prescription Skin Care can provide the safest, most efficient botulinum toxin mouth and lip treatment possible.

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