Even if you don’t have many moles or skin issues, why is it a good idea to see a medical professional who specialises in skin once a year?

Working with plastic surgeons, we see lots of patients with skin cancers coming for treatment. Many people underestimate how common skin cancers are in NZ and unfortunately we are world leaders! And we are seeing much younger patient s with skin dances. Visiting a medical professional such s you GP, dermatologist of plastic surgeons once year is the gold standard in skin health. It is very difficult to see areas such as you back and scalp, and of course, most people don’t know exactly she that are looking for.

If someone could commit to doing 3 new things for healthier skin, what would you suggest?

1. Apply a zinc based sunscreen to your face, neck and décolletage, and back of the hands every day, even in winter. This means you need to read the label on the sunscreen to check that is has a good percentage of zinc eg. 7-9 percent. Zinc is a natural physical barrier that protects against both UVB and UVA. I always tell my patients it is the cheapest, but best beauty product they can apply. We stock over 10 zinc-based sunscreens to suit different skin types and lifestyles, including acne, because if people find one they like, they won’t hesitate to apply it every day.

2. Use a vitamin A serum on face, and if possible, neck and décolletage every night. You can both prevent and treat skin ageing and encourage good skin cell health by using a cosmeceutical vitamin A.

3. Use topical antioxidants as a second line of defence against the sun and environmental damage. The most popular si vitamin C, which also stimulates collagen production and has some natural skin lightening properties. Many good antioxidant serums combine multiple antioxidants in one product for addd protection and benefits.

Do you have any tips for establishing a new health habit?

When it comes to caring for your skin, I always say the key is to keep it simple but consistent. If someone is a busy mum, and they have too many steps they will probably give up. Seek advice from a professional to ensure you are on the right products so you will be guaranteed results, and commit to following your new regime for four weeks. After this, because you will have noticed the changes, you will not want to break the habit!