Of all the beauty expenses teenage girls total up at ball time, only one will have a long-lasting impact – an investment in great skin.

Far from being a frivolous concern, skincare is of vital importance in the teenage years, for both girls and boys. Young skin can be prone to acne breakouts, inflammation and irritations, which can even lead to scarring if not treated. Skin problems also affect self-confidence.

“Mums are bringing their teenagers to us for advice and simple, effective products and treatments, which give great results for mild to moderate acne. They also offer an alternative to prescription drugs,” says Prescription Skin Care’s Angela Frazer, a registered nurse. Prescription Skin Care offers specialised products and treatments that can reduce redness and inflammation associated with acne, calm skin after breakouts and prevent future acne —as well as establishing lifelong good skincare habits. Effective skincare doesn’t have to cost the earth — the Teen Aspect Kit is $79, and other starter packs cost from $108.

School and university students may take up a permanent 30 per cent discount on any treatments, such as in clinic peels, which start at $75. “If your teenager is blessed with gorgeous skin, help them keep it this way,” says Angela Frazer. “Many are involved in outdoor activities and therefore get a lot of sun exposure. A simple regime of a mild cleanser and a hydrating zinc-based sunscreen may be all they need.”