Botox Treatments

Reduce facial wrinkles that make you appear older than you really are!

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures with Botox can revitalise the appearance of the face.

Botox can reduce forehead lines, frown lines between the brows, crow’s feet around the eyes and excessive sweating!

Treatments typically take 30 minutes to carry out and you can return to work immediately after treatment. Your skin will start to appear younger & smoother after two to five days.

The team at Prescription Skin Care is New Zealand’s leading provider of Botox treatments, our staff can advise if its suitable for you, or recommend alternative treatments.


Botox has been in use for over 20 years!


Over 5 million Botox procedures are carried out year on year worldwide!


Botox treatment requires no anaesthetic!


It is one of the most effective cosmetic procedures and requires almost no recovery time!

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Botox treatment demonstration

A video of one our highly trained staff performing a quick and easy botox treatment in our Auckland Clinic.

Remove Wrinkles with Botox treatments
Wrinkles start to appear on your face as your skin loses its elasticity. Over time “dynamic lines”, that appear when we make facial expressions, become “static lines” and remain visible when the face is at rest.

At Prescription Skin Care we directly inject Botox into the underlying muscles temporarily blocking the nerve impulses that trigger contractions. As a result, the skin appears smoother and reduces the signs of aging .

Botox can minimize the appearance of existing deep lines and wrinkles but it is most effective treating dynamic lines. It reduces the muscle activity that causes wrinkles to form and prevents them becoming fixed lines. When deep lines have formed a combination of dermal fillers and Botox ® may be more effective. Your practitioner can advise you what the most effective treatment will be for you.

“Thank heavens for Botox. And Prescription Skin Care! I’ve been going to Prescription Skin Care for Botox treatments for over four years now and would highly recommend them” – Cyndi – Auckland

Forehead Wrinkles treatment with botox
Forehead lines can make you look older than you are. Botox injections reduce the action of the primary muscle in the forehead, the Frontalis muscle, which causes wrinkles to form when the face is animated.

Injections in the forehead require a skilled practitioner as they can have a dramatic effect on the shape of the eyebrow. The experienced team at Prescription Skin Care have been performing botox injections for over 10 years!

When this procedure is administered we consider whether you want to enhance the arch of the eyebrow. It is considered more feminine to have an arched shape while a horizontal eyebrow is more masculine.

Eyebrow lifts through Botox treatments
This procedure requires an experienced practitioner as there is a very small margin of error for injections around the eyebrows. Over-injecting the forehead or injecting into the “danger zone” 1cm above the eyebrows will lead to drooping eyelids (Brow Ptosis) where the Frontalis muscle stops lifting the upper eyelids. All of our practitioners are trained by plastic surgeons from the New Zealand Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery (NZIPCS).

Before treatment will assess your natural eyebrow shape and consider any asymmetry in you eyebrows that needs correction. We will also consider whether you want to enhance your eyebrow shape. How we place the injections will determine whether they appear more arched or retain a natural or horizontal appearance.

Excessive Sweating
Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) can be an embarrassing condition that can have a negative impact on your confidence. This can be made worse for professionals who need to look their best at work. Visible signs of excessive sweating such as underarm stains, dripping palms or wet clothing make those affected look less confident and/or nervous. This is the last thing you want during an important presentation or sales pitch.

Botox treatments can last up to 7 months and reduce sweating instantly! Treatments take less than 5 minutes and are more than 95% effective.

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 Botox Treatments


Botox For Forehead

Forehead wrinkles
Frown lines


Botox For Mouth Areas

Bruxism, Grinding Teeth
Gummy Smile, Mouth Wrinkles, Lips


Botox For Eyebrows

Eyebrows lift
Eyebrows arch lifting


Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis treatment
Underarms, Sweaty armpits


Botox For Eyes

Crow's Feet
Under eye wrinkles


Botox Cost

Units of injections required


Botox For Neck

Saggy Jawline
Saggy Jowls


Botox FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

“Everyone I have had contact with have been professional and caring.  I knew I could trust them and the whole process went very smoothly.  Stephen was very caring, was real about what he could achieve.  Fantastic team of people.  Karen Baker was excellent, great communicator and efficient.  Thank you to Stephen and the team for what you have done for me.”

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